Sunday, November 4, 2012

Found a new site ~ Working With Chronic Illness

So, from time to time I still try to google for sites and stories linking working or fighting to work with a chronic illness.  Most specifically, though less often than I used to, I search and search for personal stories about discrimination and this topic, scouring the internet for success stories.  For people who made their way back and have something to say about it.

Most searches lead to the same list of legal resources and government or private EEO process legal documents.  Nothing directly human most of the time.

This lack of story and lack of detail post-process is very understandable.  When you come through it, or when you're in it, and you get to the point where you realize that all of the fears you had about who might read your blog were not paranoid (and that you weren't actually afraid enough), you tend to start taking things down.  Not because it was untrue or wrong to post, but because you are prudently afraid and thoroughly familiar with the consequences that could follow.  It is not worth inviting trouble and not worth further sacrificing whatever bit of your health you survived the process still in possession of.

But today, this was the first hit. -thoughts on navigating your career-

"contrary to popular opinion, work can be good for your health ~ when you live with chronic illness"

I (and I would be capatalized if blogger weren't suddenly not allowing me to capitalize an I) haven't dug very far yet, but give it a try, it looks very promising!

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