Monday, February 20, 2012

Useful link to "feel good techniques" post

I think the tips in this post (chronic fatigue and mindfulness) would work on multiple types of illnesses, and would be particularly useful when working your way back to work.  Returning to work brings some symptoms into focus that were somewhat extraneous while just being a sick person.  Many of them are easy to trace back to a possible cause when you've had practice, so mindfulness of "where it is" (in reference to the mindfulness question this author uses, which is "where is it now?") is useful.

I've used articles previously that get into greater depth regarding testing assumptions and changing patterns and beliefs, but this one is a nice little reminder.  I'm not as accepting of the idea that poor coping causing my illness or similar ones.  I concede contributory causality maybe, and that stress is absolutely something that impacts symptoms and recovery time. 

But from that point in the discussion on, one has to consider that coping skills are tremendously related to where we are in our illness and what symptoms we are dealing with.....sleep and food problems and major declines/crashes hugely impede any hope of just taking stressful events in stride, so when stresses start to converge, you have to do your best to cope before the spiral starts and remember that mindfulness and coping will help, but that your physical and even emotional responses become physically impacted by your illness.  Mind over matter thinking can be very dangerous in these kinds of illnesses.....techniques make a huge difference, but if you ignore what's happening physically, you'll like miss major obstacles to the techniques you're trying to employ.

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